Saturday, November 14, 2009


suddenly there is a digitized rendering of everyone else's lives.
photos surface of a million moments in time recorded for some purpose. and suddenly, we are awash in it. we are awash in other people's lives. it ebbs and flows at our feet and drowns out and nuances our daily experiences.
it confounds me, at times, it mucks up my going ons from here to there because i am an insanely curious person.
and here too, is the record of some sort of life, some sort of living. recorded in abstract moments of conversations, of fashion worn, and food eaten, of love shared.
Completely flawed but hopefully charming.

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oiseau said...

this is... SO wonderful! this whole blog. it makes me so happy and its so you and now i can bite off little pieces of you even from the bottom of the country. bite bite bite! i love you!

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